Dennis Blackburn - President

Dennis BlackburnDennis Blackburn is the president and founder of Corporate Concepts International, Inc., founding CCI’s aviation services organization in 1978.  For over three decades CCI has been recognized as a leading aviation services company with its unique brand of boutique services.  Dennis started his aviation career with the airlines and then with a Fortune 20 company’s corporate aviation program.  CCI has managed and operated corporate aircraft and helicopters under Part 91, Part 135, and Part 121, including the founding and certification of Transmeridian Airlines which operated both Boeing and Airbus aircraft internationally and domestically.


Today, CCI focuses on services to corporate aircraft and airliner acquisitions, sales, appraisals, operational audits, expert witness engagements, new product development, and advisory/consulting projects.  As president of CCI, Dennis is responsible for the collective performance and services worldwide of CCI.  Over the past 35+ years the company has been successfully involved in dynamic projects in every corner of the world.  CCI’s services and products have included aircraft management, development of specialized helicopter and aircraft as flying trauma centers, development, certification, and marketing of an airliner hush kit, aviation real estate development, arranging corporate an airliner leasing and financing, and coalitions with manufacturers and vendors in various new product development.


Dennis is an ATP licensed pilot, holds a Master’s degree from Bradley University, completed an executive education program at Dartmouth University’s Amos Tuck School of Business, and has published numerous seminars for some of the largest and most active aircraft financing companies.  Today Dennis focuses on achieving specific client objectives for his domestic and international customers and the development of new products for the corporate marketplace.


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Fernando Garcia - Program Manager

Fernando GarciaFernando brings to his client base in Mexico and all Latin America, Central America, and South America an extensive corporate aviation background.  Fernando was the Director of Aviation for a major, large fleet operation in Mexico and has extensive international experience.  He has represented buyers with new aircraft manufacturers as well as previously owned aircraft and helicopters.  His expertise in managing both large fixed wing aircraft and large corporate helicopters has given his clients access to Fernando’s professional first-hand experience.  Additionally, Fernando’s formal training as a CPA and experience as a CFO helps in presentation of real cost factors that are important not to overlook.


Fernando is based in Mexico City and Toluca and is available to serve all his Spanish, French, and English speaking clients with the highest level of professional service available in corporate aviation.


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Shailon Ian - Program Manager

Shailon IanShailon Ian has been a substantial part of the CCI team since 2003. Based in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil, Shailon serves the Brazilian, Central and South American clients of CCI.  The services CCI provides is always relationship based and having team members in South America is important in delivering the boutique and individualized service that is the trademark of CCI's 35+ years of worldwide performance to its clients.  Shailon has very personal and exclusive contact with our most valuable clients in Central and South American and is fully complemented with the CCI team from Mexico and the United States.


Shailon graduated as an Aerospace Engineer from ITA (Instituto Technologico de Aeronáutica) - the PREMIER school in Brazil for aerospace and aeronautics and served as Lieutenant for 5 years in the Brazilian Air Force. During his time in the Air Force, he worked at the Brazilian Civil Aviation Authority and had the opportunity to work on more than 200 aircraft and company audits worldwide. After leaving the Air Force, he has served clients in achieving their aviation objectives in BBJ's, Airbus aircraft, various helicopters, and literally every make and model of corporate aircraft.  Shailon’s comprehensive knowledge of maintenance management, particularly in helicopters, and good contacts within the rotor wing and fixed wing industry allows Shailon to serve our customers with the best advice in purchasing, selling or maintaining an aircraft in South America. Shailon has also assisted clients in establishing their air companies and air taxis as well as working as a consultant in the certification process of products at ANAC.


Fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese, Shailon is ready and can handle our client’s needs and lead the CCI team's total service to each client’s requirements.


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Larry Wright - Program Manager

Larry WrightLarry's corporate and air carrier career has spanned almost three generations.  He has held and served in various technical leadership positions in the repair and maintenance of aircraft and helicopters, completion of virtually every model jet from the small jets to Boeing Business Jets and 767's.  Larry is an FAA certificated Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic with FAA Inspector Authorization.  Larry has delivered his services to clients throughout North America as well as on every continent.


Larry's leadership as the Program Leader for Technical Services brings to the CCI team the technical and engineering perspective on pre-purchase inspection definition, management and test flights.  He has managed and protected the client's best interests on new build aircraft from when the wings are first mated and power first added to the first flight.  On-site, Larry and the CCI team are there to be sure no used parts or contaminated systems are installed, the workmanship is to the highest standards and the delivery schedule is kept on time line.  Under Larry's strictest supervision CCI clients are insured of the highest quality technical services in aircraft and helicopter acquisitions, sales, completions, modifications, evaluations/appraisals and expert witness work.  Larry additionally manages CCI's helicopter sales and acquisition programs.


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Chris Zarnik - Program Manager

Chris ZarnikChris brings to CCI clients a comprehensive corporate, airline and military jet operational experience complemented with extensive aircraft finance, sales, acquisition, leasing and international business development experience.   With over 30 years in the aviation industry, Chris is serving a diverse client base to achieve their corporate and airline sales, acquisitions, leasing and operational objectives.  As Program Director in the Eastern Europe, MENA and ASIAN regions, Chris brings a comprehensive expertise as he serves each client’s individual needs.  Understanding our aviation business is a relationship business, Chris is able to effectively stand in the client’s shoes and direct the necessary task to bring each client a boutique solution.  Chris’s comprehensive knowledge of corporate aircraft operations, market research, corporate aircraft and airliner acquisitions, sales, appraisals, operational audits, expert witness engagements, new product development, and advisory/consulting projects has earned him a worldwide client base.


Prior to working for CCI, Chris worked closely with the Saudi civil aviation authority (GACA) and has maintained his relationships throughout the Kingdom as well with other authorities in the Middle East.  Chris has also served as the Director of Business Development for an asset-based corporate aviation finance company, which was foundational to his financial and leasing advisory service to clients..  Chris’ operational experience as a Command Pilot in numerous Boeing and Airbus aircraft, blended with his previous corporate aircraft finance expertise, and aircraft sales experience allows him a diverse set of skills to deliver client-centered service to CCI’s clients.


Chris’ roots in aviation started in service of his country as a 1986 graduate of the United States Air Force Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management and a Master’s degree in Systems Administration from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, TX.


From his current base in Raleigh, North Carolina, Chris serves clients in Asia, India, South America, Russia and MENA with an individualized commitment to achieving client goals and that has earned him a reputation for performance and integrity that is second to none in the industry.


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Robert J. Fishman - Program Manager


Bob's experience in both general and commercial aviation spans over three decades and includes senior leadership and hands-on entrepreneurial experience in large and small enterprises, including FBOs, fueling, ground handling, aircraft servicing, fuel-trading, marketing, and commercial aviation enterprises.   Bob retired from the military in September 2003 as a US Army Colonel and has been closely involved with Founder Dennis Blackburn and Corporate Concepts International in a variety of advisory and consulting roles since its inception.


 Bob commands wide experience as a senior-level corporate and government generalist and problem solver.  In addition to aviation industry experience as leader of successful international FBO networks and later as VP Airport Services for a major Pacific air carrier, Bob has held pivotal government posts as Honolulu City Managing Director, and as Hawaii’s first chief of its tourism authority, among others.  Bob brings widely diversified experience to CCI as a business development and solutions provider for government and private enterprise on an international level.


 Bob holds an MBA and BA from the University of Hawaii (where he currently teaches as an adjunct professor) and has completed the NBAA/Darden Graduate School Aviation Management Course.  He has performed complex consulting missions in a variety of aviation disciplines, including mergers, financial valuations, corporate turnarounds, and marketing.


 As a member of the CCI team, Bob will focus on CCI’s growing portfolio of clients seeking aviation business solutions, from local to global scale.


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