Air Carrier Services

CCI assists air carrier clients to sell or lease their existing airliners and spare engines.  Our team of experienced sales and technical Program Managers work with each asset and evaluate the fair market value and make recommendations as to the price and terms for each offering.  We arrange and manage the active storage programs (short term and long term) and care and custody services for the aircraft while we are presenting the aircraft to prospective buyers or lessees.  CCI also provides more comprehensive services such as asset management for financial institutions and investors of airline equipment.  CCI's extensive experience has included most ​narrow body, wide body, and regional aircraft - including cargo configured aircraft.

​CCI also provides it acquisitions services for clients looking to purchase specific airline equipment. The CCI team can advise and recommend which make and model, engine configuration, or other specific aircraft type specification are best suited to achieve the business objectives.  CCI maintains an up-to-date and accurate list of available aircraft and works with many owners to know of aircraft availability before they reach the open markets.

Whether buying or selling airliners or spare engines, clients worldwide can trust and depend on the experience and expertise of the CCI team.  Our individualized approach to your project ensures the results and timing you need.  CCI never accepts an assignment to acquire or sell the same make and model for more than one client at a time. Performance, quality service, and integrity have been the cornerstone of CCI's airliner sales and acquisition services since the 1970s.  We look forward to delivering the same quality work for you and your company.


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