Aircraft Appraisals, Assessments and Audits

Executive Aircraft, Air Carrier & Helicopter Evaluation, Appraisal, Assessment & Audits

Since the early 1980's the evaluation, appraisal and assessment of corporate jets, helicopters & airliners has been a full time business for CCI.  This is a business we are in every day and provide professional, current, first-hand expertise.   We are specialists dedicated to the business of aircraft assessment and appraisal.

There are many types of aircraft appraisals we provide to the market, including desktop, extended desktop, on-site, and dimension due to damage appraisals. The work product that CCI provides clients is custom designed to achieve the client's objectives, are user friendly and verifiable.  You can have confidence that our reports are accurate, user friendly and based on first-hand knowledge.  CCI's work product has earned our appraisals a reputation for excellence and credibility.  Your CCI report gets right to the point, is comprehensive and never loaded with filler or unnecessary information.

The world's leading banks & financial institutions, leasing companies, private clients and legal organizations have used CCI appraisal services for years.  Many of these same organizations have CCI perform operational audits of third party management companies or in-house flight operations, repossession services, and asset recovery services.


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