Aircraft Financing, Leasing, and Operational and Maintenance Audits

CCI works with the leading domestic and international aircraft financing institutions and private equity funds that are active in today's markets.  Each year CCI provides the aircraft financial industry with hundreds of appraisals of aircraft and helicopters. We audit operations and advise institutions on technical aviation matters. CCI's close coordination and daily knowledge of the worldwide finance industry provides first-hand knowledge of which institutions are most appropriate for achieving your  financing or leasing objectives.


CCI will save you time identifying which finance companies have the most interest in your transaction.  We know the appetite and requirements each lender or leasing company has for different transactions.  We know any restriction for certain aircraft models, the different institution's credit requirements and rates, any geographic limitations, and the transaction dollar size requirements of each institution.  Our current knowledge and close contacts well qualifies CCI to recommend, introduce, and advise you regarding your financing or leasing requirements. Our years of experience and relationships can be a valuable asset in sourcing and securing the best financing or lease proposals for your transaction.  CCI will be on your side to help you secure a financial commitment, and in some opportunities CCI is able to locate aircraft with owner financing or bank assumable financing.


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