Aircraft Completion and Refurbishment Management

New Executive Aircraft Completion, Refurbishment & Repair Management

CCI has been managing the completion of executive jet aircraft and helicopters since 1978.  A successful completion is the responsibility of the manufacturer. The manufacturer needs the input in exact detail from the purchaser.  Most purchasers require management and technical assistance to ensure that the manufacturer successfully satisfies the requirements of the purchaser. CCI has the right experience and expertise, ranging from the most individualized and complex completions of VIP airliners and large premium corporate jets to the management of design and completion of special purpose airline equipment, EMS helicopters, off-shore helicopters, and specialized corporate shuttles.   CCI has worked extensively with the  leading design and engineering teams in corporate VIP aviation, as well as the leading completion centers in the United States and Europe.

Our individualized approach focuses on clear document definition and detailed understanding of the exact preferences and requirements you have for your aircraft. CCI works with the design completion teams to see that your project is completed to your exact requirements - on time and on budget.  Your CCI Program Manager is on-site with your "green" aircraft to observe it right from the start in the factory.  In today's multi-national world of aircraft building, we are there before the fuselage arrives from its manufacturer, the wings from another manufacturer, the landing gear from another country.  Our Program Manager is on site and knows the key people responsible for your completion.  While your aircraft is being assembled, we see that the highest of standards are met.  Any questionable or unacceptable work that does not meet our criteria is rejected.  CCI recommends that no used (has ever been on an operating aircraft) or damaged parts are to be used in your aircraft.  We have found that being on-site to manage and observe the green aircraft build is fundamental to having an aircraft that meets the buyer's highest objectives in quality and keeping it on schedule.

​When the completed green aircraft moves to the interior completion facility, we are there before the aircraft arrives.  We meet with the design team, review the completion specification for exact and approved definition, and ensure a buyer's requirements, expectations, and latest revisions are incorporated.  CCI clients receive a weekly report that details the progress, the issues and any decisions the buyer must make to keep the aircraft progressing and being completed exactly to specifications and on time.  Our weekly reports and accompanying photos or video provide a realistic way for a buyer to maintain control of a complex completion.

​Refurbishment projects receive the same critical, comprehensive, and individualized approach to ensuring your exterior and interior refurbishment is completed on time, on budget, and to your exact expectations.  Our Program Managers are experienced in aircraft refurbishment and treat your asset just like it was ours.  Starting with the refurbishment definition and quote, we are there to help define and manage the design & every detail of your project.  At many completion centers, CCI has preferred customer pricing, all of which are passed 100% to you.  Talk to any of the clients whose aircraft refurbishments have been planned, managed and delivered with CCI's experience and expertise.  CCI delivers its clients' aircraft on time and to the clients' full expectations.  Our cooperation and complementary services help new aircraft manufacturer's and refurbishment centers achieve job one: a fully satisfied aircraft owner and operator.

Managing new aircraft completions, or major refurbishment and modification projects is what we do every day – for over 37 years it has been a major part of CCI's profession.  CCI limits the number of completions or major refurbishments we manage and advise on at any one time.



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